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Video editing conclusions

After a week of trying out all the NLEs out there available for a PC (Ulead, Pinnacle, Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas and heck, even Movie Maker), I decided on the least of all evils: Sony Vegas. It supports 24p timelines (even if it doesn’t do 3:2 pulldown), it is mighty stable, it works well with 1 GB of RAM in HDV mode, and it’s the best value for your money overall.

Close to it is Premiere Elements, which I would probably prefer it as it supports After Effects’ plugins, if it wasn’t for its bugs (including crashes on load), it runs out of memory all too often, and it doesn’t support 24p because “it is a feature reserved for the Pro version”. In my experience — and if I judge from Adobe’s forums — Premiere Elements is a buggy joke, possibly developed by second class engineers (it seems that the good engineers are reserved for the Pro version too).

Currently Amazon has a big sale on the Vegas 7 Platinum Edition, at just $70. I am getting that, along with the best book for it. And when Vegas 8 comes out, which will probably support Blu-Ray writing, 3:2 pulldown and AVCHD among others, I will upgrade to it immediately as their upgrade scheme is very good.

If I ever need to go “pro”, my choice would be Premiere Pro & After Effects CS3 ($1700) instead of Final Cut Studio ($1300) because of the plugin support, but for now, what you get for very little money with Sony Vegas 7 Platinum is already a big deal. Especially if you couple it with the Action Movie Essentials elements, you can already achieve a lot as an Indie film maker.

I have a script idea for a short movie that I would like to shoot, and if I manage to get my head around all the lense/exposure/shutter tricks that JBQ is trying to teach me but I have hard time putting into my skull (I need good background blur and movie-like ‘feel’ you see), I might pursue the idea further. The only problem will be for how much I can rent the… Fremont Peak Observatory of Astronomy for 3 hours.

Update: A breakdown of the sub-$150 most major NLEs in the market today, in terms of feature-set.

God damn it, I HATE software

Software does not work. End of story. Software is the only thing that you can never trust. And when I talk about software, I mean ALL consumer software. I don’t know about nuclear reactor software, but whatever is sold for under $20,000 there is 99% chance of being a piece of shit.

Applications crash all too often, they have a GAZILLION bugs each, and to me, it is a major surprise how we are able to do our daily work with computers without getting all crazy and head for the caves.

Yes, I could go on and explain what I mean in this rant, and give examples of what has happened to me in the last week trying to do my work (on several OSes btw), but what’s the point? Even if I name all these apps that contributed to my mental state right now (over 25 apps that crashed or had bugs in them), nothing will change anyway.

So, I will just state how I feel and leave it at that: Software sucks. I will never go back to working with computers.