The crazy post 9/11 world

A TV director was arrested a few days ago in LAX because when he was asked “what is the purpose of your visit to LA” he replied “to shoot a pilot”. While this was just an arrest snafu that might had a bit of merit, this one was not. Read and weep.

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l3v1 wrote on June 15th, 2007 at 12:47 PM PST:

It’s wierdly funny as I often see such references to 9/11. And officials who make regulations that lead to such cases also use 9/11 as a cause, an excuse, a reason, a why, to support such idiocy. This has nothing to do with 9/11 anymore, not for a long time now. Yet, by always quoting it back, people even support such regulations, willingly or unwillingly, yet the only truth in the connections nowadays is just that these events happen at a later date and time relative to 9/11. Some regulations actually did make sense, but since then the horses have run so far with these guys that they don’t even know where they are anymore and think they can do anything in the name of 9/11. And you know what ? It seems they are right. Since there has not yet been any public outrage whatsoever, and even such stories as in the linked article just get forgotten so fast causing nothing more than a few raised eyebrows. And thing is, the rest of the world’s governments see that this can be done and it works, so they follow suit, which means we all will “benefit” from the actions of these idiots one day.

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