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Paris Hilton hardware

Here you are. Especially cool when worn in prison — they go well with the metallic bars.

The problem with state of the art hardware

…is that there is no software for it. Take Canon’s much-advertised HV20 24p feature for example. I wrote a few days ago that I am looking for a video editor to extract 24p video out of Canon’s 24f inside a 60i stream, and not only there is no such built-in feature, but most consumer editors don’t even support 24p timelines at all. The only application that does all conversions out of the box is After Effects ($1000), while even for Final Cut Pro 2 ($1300) you have to do hoops to external (bundled) utilities to extract the right content.

My research on the matter reveals that consumer NLE companies are currently working on it, and 24p-related features will be available in their next versions — in about a year from now. And it will take at least one more year until these features are mature enough in these apps. Moral of the story: if you play with state of the art hardware, expect a wait time of 2 years until you can really use it on its full potential.

Until that time comes, I think I will just be using the normal 1080/60i setting on the camcorder with nothing more advanced than iMovie ‘05. And I will couple the experience by reading this highly acclaimed DV book (which just arrived while I was writing this blog post).