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Will the iPhone be undone by its keyboard?

Engadget posted this. I said it a thousand times in the past, and I will say it once more: the iPhone needs this before Samsung snatches them.

On a completely unrelated note, I moved to Camino 1.5 on my Powerbook. It seems to be snappier than Safari which lately seems to be corrupted here dragging down the whole OS.

SpyFest 2007

Here’s something cool! The second online competition for Indie film-makers: SpyFest 2007. This year’s theme is making a short spy movie. I watched all of them (each short movie is less than 50 MBs of download, at good quality), and here are my favorite ones:

1. “Imprint” by Aravance (I can’t really classify it, it’s good)
2. “No Middle Ground” by Abalex (you would like this if you like Tarantino)
3. “Schittekatter” by Keystoned (crooked cops)

One very interesting point I must make here is that 95% of the movies in the list were shot with either the HVX200 or the DVX100.x Panasonic cameras. It seems that these are the cameras that the indie film makers can afford. Funny thing though is that one of the movies in the competition was shot with the $1000 consumer HD camera, the Canon HV20 — same as ours. Quality is up to par! I am glad we got this camcorder, professional grade video at low budget!

Update: The winners of the DramaFest competition: 1, 2. Past competitions included horror, sci-fi and super-hero themes, but these videos are only available via DVD purchase now.