The time loop theory

There have been a couple of good “Lost” theories as of late (1, 2), but this one seems to be the best. Of course, it doesn’t explain how the submarine was able to leave the island, or the flashbacks not being real is pushing the credibility of the show, but overall it’s pretty solid based on what we know after 3 seasons of “Lost”. The island being present in the river of space/time, Jacob being unfortunate and stuck between timelines, the ‘whispers’ being the characters themselves from another timeline etc, this theory has it all. Many noted that “Lost” is just Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” under disguise (and the Others are actually reading King’s books in several occasions).


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Eugenia wrote on June 1st, 2007 at 10:03 AM PST:

BTW, Lindelof has said that “The Third Policeman” 1967 novel (seen in Desmond’s hatch) was an influence to the show. At the end of the novel, the main character jump-starts (time-loops) back to the first event in the book (just like with Dark Tower). Coincidence?

Heh, and apparently JJ Abrams and Lindelof are about to produce the “Dark Tower”, licensed recently off Stephen King. Coincidence? ;-)

Paul Levinson wrote on June 2nd, 2007 at 4:00 AM PST:

🙂 no coincidences on Lost … my long-held theory is that the ultimate keys to understanding Lost reside in the inexplicable coincidences in the back stories (Jack and Desmond on the stadium steps, etc) … no way they all could have wound up on that same island by accident … Keys to What’s Really Going On … and I think, indeed, time loops could be part of the mechanism of this … (My current novel, The Plot to Save Socrates, is a study in time loops…)

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