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Regarding Yogurt

Yogurt is a kind of food that doesn’t get enough attention from food blogs or books. It is a very healthy kind of food, but unfortunately, consumers tend to buy the $0.75 jelly-yogurts in superstores rather than the real, “Live, Active and Probiotic Yogurt“.

I must admit that when I am on a low-calorie diet I am eating Danon’s yogurts that only have 40-60 calories each. But the truth is, I don’t like their taste at all — I have trouble swallowing them! Not because they are low-calorie, but because these “commercial-looking” jello-type of yogurts are not real yogurts. They are pasteurized milk with jello and some fruit additives. They suck both health-wise and taste-wise IMO.

live yogurt, strawberries, walnuts, syrup

I challenge you to buy some real yogurt, the “live” kind that usually comes in less glamorous big placeholders (yes, they are more expensive). Then, pour some good quality syrup on top of some of it, sprinkle some walnuts or minced fresh fruits too, and then eat it. If you still like the jelly-type of yogurts, then you deserve the diarrhea you get every week by not letting real yogurt take care of your intestines. ;-)


I am jealous. This woman has 4000 sheep collectibles. I only have about 40. :(

Boy beaten to death while mother serves in Iraq

“A man beat his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son to death after she left the boy in his care while she was deployed to Iraq, police said.”

I am not sure with whom I am more pissed off at. At the idiotic woman who left her kids in the care of a 23 year old boyfriend, or the army for taking a mother of 3 away. I hope they both pay the price, not just the killer.


I know, I know, I promised not to blog about “Lost” for a while, but as I was having my favorite dinner tonight (seafood-bean salad), I got an epiphany: I think I know where the producers are going for the last episode of Lost, in 3 years from now.

So, I think that at the end of season 6, everyone on the island or near it, dies. Each and every one of them.

There are several clues leading to this theory, but also that’s how it feels when thinking the series as a whole. Some of the clues are:
* The premonition of Charlie’s death is a clue in itself about the nature of the show. Every one of the survivors is living on borrowed time (a’la “Final Destination”). When the plane went down, they should all have died. But they didn’t, because fate needed them alive for some more time, to clean up some mess. They get integrated into this grand plan to “save the world” — they will obviously team up with the Others and we will learn more about it in the next seasons. At the very end, in order to save the world, it would mean to blow up the island with everyone on it, perhaps by using some sort of nuclear device (maybe Rousseau’s old hidden ship can provide such a bomb, the French are still doing nuclear tests in the region). Thinking more of it, maybe causing a local volcano to erupt is easier in terms of plot. And in fact, we already had a “clue” about the island being volcanic, in Ben’s flashback episode.
* Naomi saying that they found the plane at the bottom of the ocean, and that’s nothing but viewer preparation for what’s coming.
* Carlton Cuse recently said that after the end of the series it will become apparent why there can’t be any spin off series.
* Damon Lindelof recently said that it is very possible that the very last episode of Lost might feel “sucky” to some viewers and might cause them to look back at the series in a bad light. You could only say something like this if you are going to kill off everyone at the end.
* Lost is all about surprises. It will have to go down with a boom, and that’s a good way to do an exploding series finale.

Regarding the mysteries of the island read this and this theory. I only provided a theory on a possible ending based on few clues and the characteristics of storyline the producers have employed so far.

Lost-related blogging, out.

For Heroes, Lost and my Greek friends

Ok, I promise, this is the last blog post about “Lost” for a long while. Below, please find blog posts about Lost’s recent finale, written by Greeks. If you have never watched “Lost”, please do read through some of the blog posts (and their comments) and if you can get your hands on the series, start from the very beginning (under no circumstances start watching from the middle, because “Lost” is a puzzle-mystery).

Stormrider, this is mostly written for you (because I really think you would like the show)! :)
So, here we go:
Greek Charm
Andreas (Lost+24)

On another note, this editorial (in english) hits the nail in the head when comparing the finales of Lost and Heroes:

“Meanwhile Lost went the absolute opposite direction, delivering a finale that was a complete mindfuck, an ending that no one could have guessed six weeks ago. That’s because the producers know that the fans of Lost – intelligent, literate people, mostly – love the sense of excitement that comes from having expectations challenged, not met. The crowd that loves Heroes is the same crowd Robert Zemeckis cuts his trailers for – the people who want to know exactly what they’re getting when they walk into a theater, the people who choose McDonalds over local food when traveling for that same reason. These people are the lowest common denominator, and Heroes shovels its shit into their happily gaping maws on a weekly basis.”

Exactly. ‘Lost’ did one bad thing to me, it set the bar so high that I can’t watch anything else on TV with pleasure anymore. It’s TV entertainment done right.

UPDATE: At our home, we love Pete’s humor. Pete is a former co-worker of my JBQ’s and these days he is working for Apple (it seems that 90% of our friends here in the Valley work either at Apple or Google!). Pete blogged about the recent momentous finale of “Lost”, but man, I hadn’t read his last year’s “Lost” blog post! Amazing humor, and bloody spot on! Must read!

Update 2: I updated my “Lost 101” guide. Beware of the spoilers in the “main plot” section though, so don’t read that particular section if you have plans to watch the show from the beginning in the near future.

UPDATE 3: Oh. My. God. If you are Greek, check these two (1, 2) Greek Lost parody videos on YouTube. My belly hurts because from the laughs!

Beware of horny donkeys

hahaha…. Now, that was funny!