On the Lot

FOX has this new reality show called “On the Lot”, which is a competition for aspiring movie directors, produced by Steven Spielberg. I personally like the premise of the show, I enjoy seeing real creativity rather than people who simply can sing well as in American Idol (and most of them they can’t even read or write music). Unfortunately, the ratings are terrible and so the show might get canceled. Of course, the show could have been better, for example showing us some of the samples the aspiring directors submitted in order to get picked up for the show, and also show us more of the videos that they created during the competition. Instead, all we got was the “reality” part of the show, e.g. the directors bitching at each other, transforming the show in a way that felt more like “America’s next top model”, a show where the bitches are bitching all day long. The only way to watch their videos is to go to the show’s website and go through their loaded, cumbersome interface that uses Flash video in a way that renders in just 3fps on my Powerbook G4 867 Mhz (youtube is slow too, but nowhere that slow). In other words, “it could have been better”.

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mikesum32 wrote on May 26th, 2007 at 4:18 AM PST:

Project Greenlight on HBO and the Bravo was probably better, but we’ll see how this turns out.

I actually missed episode two. I thought it was a once a week show? Stupid Fox.

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