60 fps video

I was having this conversation with JBQ the other day, about what’s the next big thing in video after the HD becomes a commodity in most countries. JBQ claims that the next step is 60 fps shooting/playback, instead of 24 or 30 fps that current movies are shot at. JBQ watched 60 fps video in a special theater back in France some years ago and he said that it was “pretty amazing”.

I did some research and apparently 60 (or 72fps according to some) is pretty smooth for televized programmes too, plus most TVs are at 60Hz anyway. There is this camera (costs over $17,000) that can shoot 11 MP at 60 fps, but it’s still in beta. Director Peter Jackson is a beta tester of the camera and he has provided a sample clip here (unfortunately, at just 24fps).

Obviously, I tried to find some 60fps sample clips online, but I couldn’t find any that are not animated series. While googling, I realized that some A-branded Canon cameras can shoot at 60 fps in QVGA mode! And what do you know? My Canon A700 can do too and I had no idea about it! Of course, the smoothness/quality you get out of a digicam is not the same compared to a professional camera, but even then you can see that there is some smoothness on my sample clip below, shot handheld in my dark messy office. The original clip was a MotionJpeg 14 MB file, click below to see it as h.264 re-encoded (500 KBs), while retaining the 60fps. There is definitely less “jerkiness” than when shooting at 30 fps, especially when towards the end I move the camera a bit too fast and yet, the video playback remains smooth.

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