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The death of the Mac Mini

AppleInsider got a strong tip that the MacMini is dead. I believe that the claim is true. It’s kind of a sad moment, especially if Apple doesn’t follow up with another sub-$600 Mac. Especially after the rumors that the 17″ iMac will go the way of the dodo too, it is important for Apple –in order to stay relevant in the non-US market– to come up with a similar low-cost product. There was nothing wrong with the Mac Mini you see (apart from using a slow 2.5″ laptop hard drive instead of a 3.5″ one, and not having a line-in) and in fact introduced lots of users to the Mac that otherwise would never afford it.

My JBQ even mentioned last week that he wanted to get a MacMini too, to replace his dual PowerMac G4 2×1.25 Ghz.

Star Wars review by someone who never seen it before

Editor Tony Long never saw Star Wars, and when he recently sat down to actually watch it, he said that Star Wars had bad writing and bad acting and that “[while] I can understand the pop culture ripple effect from this movie, I will never understand the flood.

The reason Mr Long can’t understand the “flood” is because he sees Star Wars as a movie and not what it really is: a fairytale. Star Wars is today’s Iliad (in terms of entertainment, not literature value). Just like back in the 8th Century BCE people would be flocking around Homer or his subsequent Iliad narrators to listen to the work describing one big war with love, death, betrayal & Gods, same way today Star Wars makes millions out of cinema and DVD sales.

Star Wars is a fairytale with knights, princesses, wizards & magical creatures. It’s set in a galaxy far-far away, but the core of the story, is medieval through and through. It’s the perfect story, as entertainment stories are concerned. And so it is utterly successful, especially among young men.

Worst present

I sent a big package as a gift to my brother 2 weeks ago for his upcoming birthday (the Nokia N80 cellphone, bluetooth headset, Bluetooth for the car, USB DVB card, 20GB PMP, VoIP phone) and he still hasn’t receive it. I sent another package the same day to Germany and that package arrived there last Monday already. I am worried that the package to Greece is either stuck in customs, or a Greek employee has snatched it (I was forced by the US law to write down what’s inside the package — I had things stolen from me in a Greek airport by its employees in 1998 too so my trust level is low).

Today is my birthday (I am now 34), and I am in a constant mode of worrying, especially because I didn’t get any insurance when I sent the package (stupid, I know).

Best smartphone today

I wrote a list a few months ago about the best smartphone solutions. Time to update the No1 position of the HTC Hermes — with another HTC phone.

The HTC Kaiser (pics) is the best overall deal right now in the market. It supports quad-band GSM and quad-band 3G (world’s first), 3 MP camera, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth with A2DP, enough CPU and RAM. This phone is da bomb, and I prefer it over Nokia’s upcoming E90 Communicator because overall, I can do more with a touchscreen-enabled Windows smartphone and their 20,000 apps than I can do with a Symbian S60 phone which only has 300 native apps available (that are not even optimized to use the internal 800×320 screen).

If I was to nitpick the Kaiser a bit, I would mention the lack of TV-out support, DVB support, FM Radio, IrDA, VGA resolution in a 3.0″ screen instead of QVGA in 2.8″, standard 3.5mm audio jack (HTC is unfortunately committed in using the same mini-USB port as audio-out and charge/data-exchange) and the fact that they consciously removed the new VoIP SIP stack found on Windows Mobile 6.

The top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills

> 6. C programming

I will have to disagree with that article. Even if C will eventually eclipse, it is not its time yet. The author of the article should have cited x86 Assembly instead, not C.

House in Greenland

I want us to buy a house in Greenland. Normally, you would think that they are quite cheap because except few tourists, no one else wants to actually live there (there are less than 58,000 inhabitants in the whole Greenland). I emailed the Danish tourist’s office and they gave me some URLs of house agents in Greenland. Apparently, a 2-bedroom house or apartment in Nuuk, the 15,000 inhabitant capital of Greenland, costs over $400,000 (~2,2 million danish krones). That’s a lot of money.

Heroes Vs Lost, Part II

Season finale for Lost was tonight and for Heroes last Monday. I recorded both on the DVR and watched them one after the other. My opinion: Lost’s finale rocked television in its ground, while Heroes’ finale was another traditionally-made finale. The Lost writers are obviously thinking out of the box. The server that holds the Lost forum on IMDb went down many times during the finale… And I liked the two most voted replies on Digg about the Lost finale:

Dear Heroes writers,
Please watch the Lost finale to see how it is done.

Dear 24 Writers
Just give up

Guys, I know that I am getting really boring by raving about Lost week after week, but truth is, it is television done right (well, except the first half of this season). If you haven’t watched Lost yet, start today! Just make sure you watch it from the very beginning.

Update: Adam blogged about it too.

Update 2: A few more: 1, 2, 3, 4.