Poem: There is no escape

He is under uncontrollable rage. He has a need to dominate her to make up for his sorry little life. He is paranoid too. He thinks that everyone is conspiring against him, he thinks that he is being cheated. He refuses to see a psychiatrist. He drinks, and then drinks some more, and then he beats her.

She can’t run away. She has nowhere to go. No employer would give her a chance at that age. She has lived all her life abused almost on a daily basis. She has a broken skull and a broken back. She never felt happiness. She never felt loved. She’s never known how it is to really live. Tyranny is all she ever known.

When she tells him she would go to the police, he replies that if she does so he will kill her. If he is jailed, he eventually will be set free and when he does, more rage will be the only feeling he will know. If the judge asks him to stay away from her, he won’t listen. He will chose to go to prison for life rather than lose his domination over her.

In a way, just like she is by him, he too is a tormented soul living all waking moments in a delirium. He too has a cross to bear. The only difference is, he created that cross all by himself little by little since he was a small boy.

There is no escape for any of them. The only solution is for him to stop breathing. I pray to God that he will just take him away. One evening while he’s driving away from the pub…

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Tom Dison wrote on May 23rd, 2007 at 5:30 AM PST:

Evil is living and breathing. Evil lives down the street. Evil shops at the grocery store. Evil smiles. Evil frowns. Evil gives to the United Way. Evil roots for the home team. You shake Evil’s hand. Evil whispers. Evil shouts. Evil goes to church. Evil goes bowling. You see the eyes of Evil, and you look down. Hopefully, it is not a mirror.

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