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Canon camcorder is back

Canon sent us back today our ZR-80 camcorder after they fixed its dead CCD free of charge and even if the device was 2+ years out of warranty! The package also included a surprise: it came with a high-capacity battery even if I never sent them any batteries along!

User perks

My brother just tried Ubuntu 7.04 and he already uninstalled it because it doesn’t do what he wants to: support the SkyStarII PCMCIA card to watch satellite TV. Now, of course, there is support for it after you do all this (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) work, but no newbie in his right mind would do all that. It’s not a matter of double-clicking an app so it’s out of the question for him.

This is why Linux, or any other alternative OS for that matter, will never catch on. Because people have perks. Every user has one niche application or feature that they need and other OSes don’t provide in the same manner. Speaking for myself, the reason I still use WinXP as my main OS is the fact that (except that it works near-perfectly for me) it is the only OS that I can run many mobile phone emulators.

In other words, less than 10% of the world’s computer users are actually true average Joe Users. Even if they only do one single non-standard thing more than just let’s say, emailing and web browsing, that’s enough to not be cataloged as Average Joes. While in the traditional sense of the word my brother would be an average Joe User, in reality, he is not. And this is why Linux is more successful as a server and the Mac as an AV platform instead of desktop platforms: because they fill a niche in a way that it’s better than Windows’. If you have moved to an alternative OS, no matter how geek you try to look like by doing so, you did so because you either are in fact part of that 10% of the ‘True Average Joe Userbase’ or because you have the technical knowledge to overcome migration obstacles.

UPnP Mediaservers

I have a soft spot for weird protocols, so my latest craze is UPnP support. I am getting a review unit soon of an SMC UPnP client which allows you to listen to your songs on any room in your home via WiFi. I did some research about UPnP servers/clients around and apparently there are quite a few Linux servers for it, TwonkyMedia that works on all 3 OSes, WMP11 and others (TVersity looks good). Too bad that iTunes does not support UPnP in addition to DAAP (which is a competing protocol). A cool thing is that my Nokia N95 has both server and client UPnP support and so after I installed the trial version of the TwonkyMedia server, I was able to listen to music found in my PC through my phone. How cool is that?

I can’t find any UPnP client/server support for Rhythmbox and Banshee though. Anyone knows of any that actually work?

Update: Ok, how stupid is that? The Nokia N95 can also serve content via UPnP, but the Nokia N800 never finds that server via its MediaStreamer application!

Poem: There is no escape

He is under uncontrollable rage. He has a need to dominate her to make up for his sorry little life. He is paranoid too. He thinks that everyone is conspiring against him, he thinks that he is being cheated. He refuses to see a psychiatrist. He drinks, and then drinks some more, and then he beats her.

She can’t run away. She has nowhere to go. No employer would give her a chance at that age. She has lived all her life abused almost on a daily basis. She has a broken skull and a broken back. She never felt happiness. She never felt loved. She’s never known how it is to really live. Tyranny is all she ever known.

When she tells him she would go to the police, he replies that if she does so he will kill her. If he is jailed, he eventually will be set free and when he does, more rage will be the only feeling he will know. If the judge asks him to stay away from her, he won’t listen. He will chose to go to prison for life rather than lose his domination over her.

In a way, just like she is by him, he too is a tormented soul living all waking moments in a delirium. He too has a cross to bear. The only difference is, he created that cross all by himself little by little since he was a small boy.

There is no escape for any of them. The only solution is for him to stop breathing. I pray to God that he will just take him away. One evening while he’s driving away from the pub…