Regarding ‘Fair Use’

“Why has the Copyright Office rejected the proposed exemption at each triennial rulemaking to date? In her words, it’s because the widely-hacked CSS encryption on DVDs does not actually prevent fair use at all, and those who think otherwise don’t understand exactly what rights fair use grants them.” More here.

What a whole load of crap. We own almost 180 DVDs, and I am only allowed to watch them on a DVD player. What about my PMPs and cellphones? Why can’t I just either:
1. Allowed to rip the DVD for my own personal usage, or
2. Be able to download for FREE an encoded video for my PMP/cellphone for the DVDs I own?

Except the freaking “region code” (which I personally hate more than DRM, because one day I will have to return to Europe), this restrictive “fair use” notion does not sit well with me. From the moment I license a movie through a DVD purchase, I want to have the right to watch it in whatever medium/device I want to. This is not 1985 anymore when people only owned VCRs. This is the 2007 and most people have iPods, have PMPs, have multimedia cellphones, have AppleTVs among other Asian media crappy devices. And as long as the MPAA does not offer an easy DRM-free way to download already purchased movies to ANY format/medium, then they should shut the hell up about DVD ripping and let us rip our DVDs freely (for our own personal/family usage that is). Same goes for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

I downright REFUSE to buy the same movie over and over again for my different devices just because MPAA doesn’t have a global system to track my purchases on copyrighted works. That’s THEIR limitation, not mine.

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blag wrote on May 22nd, 2007 at 2:31 AM PST:

exactly; the media company (and apparently the Libary of Congress) would love to take us back to the 1980s

However, the media companies have benefitted **tremendously** economically, creatively, from digital media and optical disks, and they don’t want to pass it on to the customers. Like how monopolies see the customer as their enemy.

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