Scorpions on a plane to Greece

I am currently listening to Scorpion’s “Always Somewhere“. What an amazing song!

While trying to find the right YouTube link for the song, I came across this video, from Scorpions’ live appearance in Athens, Greece, last year. Apparently they also performed in Greece in 2001 and 2004. Well, here’s the thing. Scorpions were big in the ’80s. Whenever they would go to perform in the ’80s, the concert halls would always be filled up. But even if Greek listeners were absolutely loving the Scorpions back then (I even remember 60 year old Greek ladies liking their music), they would not come to perform in Greece.

Fast forward 10+ years. The rest of the Europe does not care about the Scorpions anymore. Heck, Thom has told me that he doesn’t even know who they are. Their concert halls are pretty empty. The glory days are gone. And so they decide to come and perform in Greece in 2001 (for less money possibly than they were used to). And oh, the joy! There you have 80,000 hungry-since-the-’80s fans in a soccer stadium filling it up like crazy. And there you have Scorpions coming again in 2004, 2005 and in 2006 and they are scheduled for this July too. And not only that, but here you have Klaus Meine yelling at the microphone “wow, we will come next year too“. Well, asses, now that no one else wants you, you come back to Greece running, don’t ya?

I have a bittersweet taste in my mouth about all this. When I was a teenager in the late ’80s, not even 3rd class international artists would come to perform in Greece. The Cure and the Stranglers came once and it was presented by the media like the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! When Duran Duran were big and they performed everywhere in the world, Greece was also left out back then. And what do you know, fast forward when no one was giving a fuck about them, and where would you find them? In Athens!

Of course, this is not the artist’s fault. The Greek companies that were supposed to bring entertainers from abroad to perform in Athens were a JOKE. Even today they are still a joke and no one wants to do business with them.

Still, it feels bittersweet. From one side I feel robbed from my “teenage rights”, but on the other side it feels like a long lost family member who comes back and the whole village celebrates. That thought was enough to make me shed a tear.

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