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Wii: Killer YouTube gadget?

I snapped the following picture with our Opera/Wii rendering a YouTube video in fullscreen directly from the web to our 55″ Sharp HDTV (480p mode). How cool is that? It’s devices like the Wii that can bring true validation to sites like YouTube and DailyMation.


I wrote the other day that I love the Eurodance era (1990-1996). One of my favorite artists of that time is DJ BoBo, shot to Europe(not UK)/Japan/Brazil fame with classic eurodance songs like “Take control“, “Everybody” and “Let the dream come true“. I had a small crash on him back then and so I even named my cat “Bobo”…

Fast forward to 2007. Under shady circumstances the Swiss Eurovision council promotes DJ BoBo’s song “Vampires are alive” to represent Switzerland in the contest. The Swiss council thought that DJ BoBo’s (now faded out) popularity throughout Europe would transform to votes. However, the song didn’t even make the semi-finals in Eurovision.

I don’t know what DJ BoBo was thinking trying to represent his country with that terrible song. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Cheesy as hell, zero melody. I am officially disappointed in him, and I am not even Swiss. There are a lot of bad Eurodance songs out there (which is the main reason why many hate the scene), but this one takes the cake.

The only good thing that I’ve seen in his latest performances is that he seems to know how to sing these days. Back in the ’90s he could not sing in tune with any note, he could only do the rap.

RE: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

The Nintendo Wii bundle JBQ bought from the EBGames the other day, just arrived. We paid about $450 for the bundle of controllers/games/cards, for a console that alone costs (and we should have only paid) $250. But as Nintendo is not able to meet demand, we were forced to buy the bundle instead of just the console. Oh well, at least my JBQ will play Wii games tonight and will rejoice.

Regarding mortal immortality

There are days that the idea of death frightens me. Other days, I don’t really care. There is this one person that to my eyes, gives me hope that you can span through generations and truly live long to the eyes of everyone else. To me, he seems to have been alive since forever: Mickey Rooney.

You see, cinematography started taking a shape of its own as a major industry at the late 1920s. The way I perceive 1920s, is like, a million years ago. But there was Mickey Rooney. Starring in movies from the 1920s, to his latest, “Night at the Museum”, just a few months ago! He went through the silent era, the technicolor era, the true-color era, the HD.

Mickey Rooney just gives me hope that the time we have in this planet, is actually a lot of time (at least, for most people). Enough time to experience the world transforming to something completely different.

RAZR2 brings Linux to the masses

Motorola has shipped a number of phone models with Linux at their core, but none of them was mass-marketed or too successful (except in some Asian countries). But the day that Linux gets into a model that is guaranteed to be sold in millions of copies, has arrived. Motorola today announced the RAZR2, the successor to the RAZR phone — a phone that I always hated because of its OS and browser limitations. I have tried the ROKR2 phone which runs the same OS/interface as the Linux-based RAZR2, and the usability/browser experience is indeed better than the Motorola’s old RAZR line.

Too bad that Motorola won’t offer any SDK though. J2ME will still be the only way to write an app for these phones. Some of Motorola’s managers keep ensuring me that an SDK will be released for a future version of their Linux OS, but the day that happens is still not here.

Regarding spoilers

[The following blog post does NOT contain spoilers]

“Lost” has two major news fan sites, DarkUFO’s multi-blog and DocArzt’s TheTailSection. The two guys who run the two sites are good friends, although they are obviously competing with each other at the same time.

DarkUFO posted last night a (potentially authentic) synopsis of what happens in the season’s last two episodes of Lost. When DocArzt saw this, he wrote a rant about how this ruins the show and how bad judgment was to post such extreme spoilers (he makes a distinction between small spoilers which he also posts sometimes, and extreme cliffhanger spoilers).

Personally, I disagree with DocArzt (and I commented on his site too). I read spoilers all the time, and they don’t ruin the show for me at all. I still watch it with the same excitement. This is not to say that there aren’t people who don’t want to read spoilers. My JBQ for example does not want to hear anything of what happens in future episodes. I bet that even the next week’s preview clip is an annoyance for him.

But we are not all the same. There are people who want to get hints of what happens, and there are people who don’t. And I respect and even understand both points of view. But having DocArzt deciding for me if there should be spoilers available on the Internet or not, that’s something I don’t agree with.

Besides, DarkUFO took all the right precautions to make sure that someone doesn’t read the spoilers by mistake. You have to be specifically looking for it and consciously deciding that you want to read it before you can actually read it. So, DocArzt’s rant felt like he didn’t want Damon and Carlton to get pissed off because of the leak (these are the two writers/producers who do read these sites and IMDb’s comments section, so they are already aware of the leak). Well, personally I don’t care what the writers think or how they feel (although Damon is hot…). If they don’t want their stuff to get leaked, they should stop sending preview episodes to TV reviewers! That’s how stuff get leaked out in the first place. Lost’s marketing push mostly happens by the fans themselves rather than these reviewers anyway.