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Sci-fi on NBC — Yippeee!

NBC seems to get it! They canceled most of its drama series for next season, and added in their place lots of scifi series: a Heroes spin-off (Heroes ripoff), the return of the Bionic woman (BionicWoman ripoff), Journeyman (time travel, Quantum Leap ripoff) and Chuck (spy sci-fi, Jake 2.0 ripoff). Their only sitcom is “The IT Crowd” (ripoff, or the original UK series?), which is about a bunch of IT professionals! Get the theme? NBC tries to appeal to geeks! Even at the expense of not being original.

NBC announced a few weeks ago that this season was one of their worst in all the decades the network exists, with Heroes being their only show that floated above average. They figured, ‘if we try to get as many geek series as possible, our chances of creating franchise shows with appeal on the internet crowd that will provide us with free advertising, business will get better’. I would have done the same thing! Kudos to NBC.

Now, where can I get more space/ship-based sci-fi?

Regarding Spiderman 3

I watched a 10 minutes promotional clip of Spiderman 3 tonight, and even from these 10 minutes I was able to to determine that what most people are bitching about, is true: Spiderman-3 has a rushed storyline. Some said that this movie should have been 2 movies, but I disagree. Even 10 more minutes would have saved this movie (142 minutes instead of 132). The devil is in the details, in the small shots that at a first glance don’t feel important, but they do provide a more “realistic” feel to a movie or show.

For example, the scenes of Spiderman’s transformation to Venom, it was rushed like hell. He is one person and then he is another (with all what that encompasses) within 3 minutes. There was no transformation process, just a switch. It just felt rushed in a way that: if you were the director, you had all the right scenes shot, but you also had the studios’ bosses on your ass all the time to shout at you “trim it more, trim it more, film costs money!“.

I sure hope there will be a director’s cut DVD edition where the movie doesn’t feel so rushed.