The bar is high

JBQ rarely watches “Lost” these days at its regular time at 10 PM because that’s way too late for him. He comes from work at the evening and he is usually very tired, and so by 10 PM he is usually in bed. And so he uses our DVR to record few shows during the week and then watch them on the weekend. Tonight we watched the past two episodes of “Lost” together, and we both agreed that this is television entertainment at its best (especially the episode I blogged about a few days ago). My JBQ said that ‘Lost’ is “one of the biggest, best stories ever told, and not just for TV“. And this brings me to my point: I have trouble watching anything beyond ‘Lost’ these days that’s on TV.

For example, ABC broadcasted last week the pilot episode of “Traveler“. One of the two heroes who are wanted for a bombing attack is ‘mentioned’ to have a father who suicided in the ’90s after getting court-marshaled for an fatal incident involving friendly fire. That mentioning just felt amateurish scriptplay, and made the show look to me like child’s play compared to how ‘Lost’ lays out its story instead. Not only we learned a detail about one of the heroes that had nothing to do with the current situation in the episode, but we were fed information that the father suicided, was in a war, and that he killed people under friendly fire. That was too much currently-offtopic information! Viewers immediately would connect the dots regarding “who ever trapped his daddy back then, is now trapping the son too”. It is just too predictable — the stupid writers let the cat out of the bag too early thinking that the viewers are stupid or something. If the Traveler’s story was written by Damon and Carlton instead (the producers/writers of ‘Lost’), I can assure you, you would only have as much information as you need and not a single drop more.

After ‘Lost’, the bar is set too high in my opinion. Even ‘Heroes’ is barely enjoyable. I don’t watch ‘24′, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Jericho’ live anymore for example. I usually record them on our DVR and only watch them when I feel like watching TV. The only show I am making sure that I don’t miss when it’s airing at its regular time is, you’ve guessed it, ‘Lost’.

Update: Both good theories btw: 1, 2.

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Memsom wrote on May 14th, 2007 at 8:52 AM PST:

Theory 1 really got me. Not had a chance to read through 2 yet. I think 1 *almost* looks like a script/plot leak, it’s so detailed ;-)

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