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Bad, bad squirrel!

I have said many times to US-critics that not the whole USA should be put in the same bag. I am living in the San Francisco Bay Area (where Silicon Valley resides), a place where most people live an easier life, with less crime compared to most parts of the rest of the country, mostly due to their high-tech/paying jobs. In fact, if you don’t take into account the south LA and some parts of the Oakland area, the whole California is a dream place to live in with your family. There are 7 million people living in the Bay Area alone, more than half than they live in Greece.

In USA, the major TV networks (e.g. ABC, NBC etc) mostly broadcast local news, instead of world news. If a viewer wants to view world or even more national news, he must watch CNN or MSNBC instead. So, while I was watching “Jericho” tonight there was this commercial about the 10 PM local Bay Area news. First news item:

A squirrel attacked without provocation 3 kids in a kindergarten“.