Archive for May 6th, 2007

Broken stuff etc

* Our cable modem died today, we will have no internet until Tuesday (I am currently posting this via GPRS). Update: Connection came back after… threatening the main cable that comes into the house.
* My Canon ZR-80 camcorder died today too. We took it out to record some windsurfing close to our home, but while it turns ON and the menus are all there, the screen/viewfinder image from the lens is all black. We are now thinking of getting another Canon low-end camcorder from the same series. The broken one can still serve as a DV playback device. Update: Apparently it’s a known hardware issue for the ZR series! I called Canon, and they will fix the dead CCD for free, even if the camcorder is out of warranty!
* I stopped the Phase-I of South Beach and went back to my normal low-calorie diet which works better for me. JBQ has lost 14.4 lbs in 4 weeks (3 of them dieting hard). I had to find a belt for him today, or he would lose his pants!
* I am bored. No internet, no action.