LOST to last 5 seasons

An announcement is imminent by ABC to make public that “Lost” is to last 5 seasons (2 more). The two producers have been asking for this from the beginning, many times they had said that they don’t want ‘Lost’ to wind-down as ‘X-Files’ did by going on and on and on forever. They wanted to have a beginning, a middle and a proper end. By reaching the agreement with ABC they now have the time they need to plot the remaining episodes the right way (there will be 108 episodes, which is the sum of Hurley’s/SwanStation’s “magic” numbers). I am glad they reached this agreement (networks can be hard asses to negotiate anything) because artistic freedom is important — an artist can see further than money-making.

I knew that the producers wanted 5 seasons, and it was apparent that this was going to happen when in a previous episode Juliet told Sun that she will start to be having problems with her pregnancy because of the island’s metaphysical properties in two months time (every season of ‘Lost’ for us, is about 1 month of their time). Suspenseful ending for Sun.

Update: Actually, it is the same amount of episodes, but spread in 3 seasons of fewer episodes each. LOST will end in 2010.

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