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Shaun the sheep


Millennium Falcon vs Serenity

According to this Slashdot poll, the Millennium Falcon edges out Serenity as a favorite space ship (interestingly, both are smuggling ships). I voted for Serenity. I believe it’s a much cozier ship than the Falcon. There is this long scene (no cuts) in the beginning of the “Serenity” movie where the camera goes through the whole ship (yes, they built the whole interior of the ship as it would be if it was real). I found this so amazing, because it gave me the impression that this was a real place.

In the few Star Wars scenes that involve the Falcon you only see the main hall, the bridge and the tail gunner. Nothing else. But Serenity is so much more real. You know that if you were there, at the studio, you would be able to wander around the main ship and if you went down in one of the bunks you would really end up in Kaylee’s or the captain’s bedroom. It’s not comprised of separate sets in a vast Hollywood studio (as it usually is for most movies/series). And for that alone, it deserves to be the most cozy ship ever built. Even if it doesn’t really fly.

Serenity still exists somewhere in Hollywood, forgotten and full of dust, and I hope someone with lots of money buys it and preserves it, or at least donates it to Seattle’s Sci-Fi museum.

LOST to last 5 seasons

An announcement is imminent by ABC to make public that “Lost” is to last 5 seasons (2 more). The two producers have been asking for this from the beginning, many times they had said that they don’t want ‘Lost’ to wind-down as ‘X-Files’ did by going on and on and on forever. They wanted to have a beginning, a middle and a proper end. By reaching the agreement with ABC they now have the time they need to plot the remaining episodes the right way (there will be 108 episodes, which is the sum of Hurley’s/SwanStation’s “magic” numbers). I am glad they reached this agreement (networks can be hard asses to negotiate anything) because artistic freedom is important — an artist can see further than money-making.

I knew that the producers wanted 5 seasons, and it was apparent that this was going to happen when in a previous episode Juliet told Sun that she will start to be having problems with her pregnancy because of the island’s metaphysical properties in two months time (every season of ‘Lost’ for us, is about 1 month of their time). Suspenseful ending for Sun.

Update: Actually, it is the same amount of episodes, but spread in 3 seasons of fewer episodes each. LOST will end in 2010.

Vegans guilty of starving baby

It’s difficult to not be a hater when you have to do with stupid people. I fucking hate stupid people. Children should be fed all kinds of food and when they are old enough they should make up their one minds. Same goes for religion btw. Bring up children in a way that enables them to make up their own minds about how they want to live or perceive the world. Let them keep an open mind and consider all the options available to them. That’s my take anyway.