Amazing performance

I never liked much Phil Stacey’s performances on American Idol show. Tonight, he rocked the damn show from its grounds (no matter if Simon commented negatively on him). He sang Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” and he sang it much better than Jon Bon Jovi ever would have the ability to do so. His live performance was way better than Bon Jovi’s 134th take as found on his CD. Amazing!

Blake Lewis’ version of “You give love a bad name” was great too. Check it out. Blake took a risk by completely changing the rock aspect of the song, but he knows well that he doesn’t have the vocal ability to compete with let’s say, Melinda, so EVEN if he gets eliminated, his bravery simply shows that the guy is inventive, intelligent, an artist, and for that reason alone he deserves a contract even if he never becomes American Idol. Blake is clever. His risk simply shouted out “give me f*cking contract, I don’t care about the votes”.

We have connected our HDTV to our Cerwin Vega E715 big speakers & amplified by Yamaha’s AX-592, and so we are listening the songs to their full potential. Cool beans.

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