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Shame on you Nokia, Part III

It’s not been a month after Nokia N95’s release and Nokia has already released a new firmware upgrade (at least they recognize the fact that they rushed the damn thing out of the door too early). Here’s an update on what’s fixed based on my upgrade’s experience, 45 minutes after upgrading:

1. I had no memory errors (yet)
2. I had no random resets (yet)
(although it’s early to speak about these problems yet)

What’s NOT fixed:
1. I had VoIP connected 25 minutes straight (better than the 10 minutes average of the previous firmware), BUT, just as I also opened the web browser to browse some (lite) sites, WiFi *again* got disconnected out of the blue, and so VoIP was thrown out of the picture too. SHAME on Nokia for not fixing Wifi still! It gets disconnected SO VERY EASILY from my easy-going Netgear router!
2. Still can’t connect to my Bluetooth headset even if it pairs just fine (that’s an OEM version of a headset, but same model was also ODM’ed by Motorola)
3. Hissing on the headphones when playing music with fewer organs where it becomes audible (e.g. a violin solo). Probably this is a hardware problem — which is a reason why Nokia’s *and* SonyEricsson’s *and* Samsung’s “multimedia phones” are JOKES compared to the Apple iPhone (which I can guarantee you, it won’t have hissing).

Here you are ladies and gentlemen, you get a new super-high-end $750 smartphone, only to get stumble into bugs and problems immediately. So far, this Nokia phone gives me more grief than Linux used to do so back in 1999.