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Lay off the Baldwins alright

I hope that Alec Baldwin won’t lose visitation rights to his daughter. Every parent loses patience with their children at one point or another. Parents are people too. In fact, the shouting-via-voicemail itself shows that Baldwin cares about his daughter. You see, truly abusive fathers are more sneaky than that.

I was called a “pig” by my mother countless times when I was a kid, and at least 30 times I was told that “I wish you were never born”. Should my mother lose custody of me? I don’t think so (in fact, my life would have been a disaster should my parents divorce and my father had full custody of me as the guy can’t even boil an egg). My mother keeps calling me to see how I am doing, my mother can’t stop crying every time I leave for abroad. She loves me.

It’s just that we are people who say what we are thinking each time, point blank, and this includes crazy thoughts of the moment that wash away 5 minutes later. Besides, in Greece we have a saying: “Even Saints should feel fear” (”kai o agios fovera thelei”), meaning that adding some fear factor to a relationship is not always a counter productive way of getting things done.

Funny thing was, just 15 minutes ago before I started writing this, I called my grandmother and this was part of our conversation:

Grandmother: Any baby yet?
Me: I don’t think so.
Grandmother: Ah, you pig! (”Ah, mori gourouna”)
Me: *laughs*

Result: Lay off Baldwin. I bet he is a way better parent than Kim Basinger (who seems to have leaked the tape to the media despite the court order).