Archive for April 19th, 2007

Best Nokia overall handset

It seems that the Nokia 6120 Classic is the best overall handset today for the money. Not only it has all the normal features that you would expect from a high-end phone, but it also comes with dual WCDMA support (so it works as 3G on both US and Europe), it weighs only 89 grams, it has a very fast CPU compared to other S60 devices and its new S60 version enables h.264 playback and A2DP. Only shortcomings are the lack of WiFi/VoIP and the video recording artificially limited to 15 fps (so it doesn’t compete with the N series). The reason why I call this the best overall handset is because for these features, it costs less than $330 which is a very low price, considering.

Phone collection

Here’s our cellphone collection so far. There are two missing phones from the picture that I have tacked away in my closet (Nokia N80 and SonyEricsson K700i), plus 2 more that I sent to my brother in Greece and 1 that I sold a few months ago (the terrible LG Chocolate GSM). I am debating which phone to get next to scrutinize. I am thinking either a Motorola Linux touchscreen one, or two really cheap ones (e.g. Nokia 5070 and SonyEricsson Z310i).