Bluetooth Wow, I didn’t know that Microsoft removed DUN from the latest versions of Windows Mobile. They introduced PAN instead which I personally prefer, but, PAN is not a Bluetooth profile that all operating systems support. This means that Linux users might have a bit of a work to do before connecting their laptop via Windows Mobile’s PAN connection (there are more tutorials online about DUN you see), and it’s one major hell setting it up via Mac OS X as there is no GUI for it. As I said, I prefer PAN, because it eliminates ppp string incompatibilities between different cellphones and it also allows for up to 7 laptops to be connected at the same time to the same phone (it acts as a wireless router instead of as a 1-to-1 modem), but damn, completely removing DUN is stupid because older Windows OSes don’t have PAN functionality, some older Bluetooth dongles don’t come with PAN profile support, and setting up PAN on other OSes is a headache. It shouldn’t be an exclusive feature, they should have kept both.

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asdf wrote on April 18th, 2007 at 8:38 AM PST:

Linux users might have a bit of work? major hell setting it up via Mac OS X? Well, the decision to remove DUN seems like a no-brainer for Microsoft. After all, what’s more important to them — their end users? or blocking anything non-microsoft?

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