Best LOST theory I have ever read

This is a theory mostly about the Smoke monster. You will need an IMDb free account to be able to read the theory.

Update: If this theory gets to be somewhat real, it means that in the series finale we will have a big showdown between 3 characters: the person who wants to control Smokey in order to achieve power (Ben or Jacob), the person who wants to free it & worship it (Locke) and the person who wants to save his peers by destroying it and get the hell out of the island (Jack). And while not everything in the theory linked above might be on spot, it looks plausible. Maybe the title of the 2×01 episode “Man Of Science, Man Of Faith” was named as such for a reason.

I mean, this is not much different than a medieval story of trying to capture the mighty dragon. The ruler of the kingdom (Jack) wants to destroy it, the misguided wizard (Locke) wants to free it and the bad guy (Ben) from the neighboring kingdom wants to capture it and use it for his own, selfish reasons and eventually “rule the world”. Old & tried recipe, shrink wrapped in a new, shiny chocolate paper.

Same goes for Star Wars btw. In fact, Star Wars is even more “medieval-like” in nature than Lost is.


memson wrote on April 10th, 2007 at 2:00 AM PST:

> I did. It was never said in the show. ;-)

Wow, Eugenia, you are Lost indeed ;-)

memson wrote on April 10th, 2007 at 8:40 AM PST:

The theory is quite interesting, but has some holes. The biggest is the admission that the plane was supposed to land, some people were to get off, and then continue on. That is completely missing. I forget who said that, Julliette or was it Ben?

It also doesn’t explain all the weird links between people. There’ve been two more fairly big ones recently. Jack and Claire are siblings. Kate met the woman Sawyer ripped off in the “Long con”. There’s more to all this that the smoke monster.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on April 10th, 2007 at 4:42 AM PST:

I am not lost, it seems that you are. Here is where I mentioned the plane landing. It was never mentioned in the show.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on April 10th, 2007 at 8:55 AM PST:

>I forget who said that, Julliette or was it Ben?

I did. It was never said in the show. ;-)

>It also doesn’t explain all the weird links between people

While at the end everything will be explained with “science”, I think that the links will just be explained with simply “fate”.

memson wrote on April 11th, 2007 at 9:09 AM PST:

I meant metaphorically ;-) Your theory made such an impression, my brain remembered it as being something that really happened ;-)

mikesum32 wrote on April 11th, 2007 at 10:55 AM PST:

The sequence was shown in a flashback.

JOE wrote on April 18th, 2007 at 8:41 AM PST:

Don’t register at IMDB, Here is the article:

I’ll admit, I can’t claim much of this as my own. Really, I wanted to pull together the many interesting theories on Smokey/Cerberus into one place and see if I can’t link them together. Shall we, then?

Electromagnetism and you

The Island has odd electromagnetic properties, this is more or less confirmed by now. It seems to be a reoccurring theme, from The Swan hatch to Sayid’s compass not working right. The human [and animal] brains also function based off Electromagnetic fields [EMF]. In fact, we constantly give off and EMF which can be picked up outside sources. I think that on it’s most basic level Smokey can ‘read’ those fields, and determine an impressive amount of information based of it.

So what does it do?

Smokey/Cerberus was built by the Dharma Initiative by putting the Islands own EMF to use. As I mentioned, it can scan the signals the human brain emits [all it needs is to get into a close proximity] and then build a break down of what that person was thinking/feeling at the time. It’s second function is as a genie in a bottle. It is capable of using it’s own formless body to make itself into whatever the individual truly desires. The idea of having a device that could be what you wished for when you wanted fell well inline with Dharma’s Utopian projects.

Needless to say, this is very dangerous. Dharma needed to choose who would come to the Island very carefully, one deranged mind effecting Smokey would be tragic. It’s quite possible that their studies into psychology were directed to stop people from wanting ‘bad things.’ They also have several other means to keep it on a leash.

4 8 15 16 23 42 Enter

The button was the most important trick to control Smokey. By manipulating the islands EM field they were able to control how powerful Smokey became. If someone didn’t press the button every 108 minutes, it would be able to run rampant on the Island.

The next device is the fence surrounding Otherville. The community itself, as well as the fence likely pre-date Smokey’s activation. This made a safe area for the Dharma employees to hide in, as well as a place where they can be themselves without fear of what Smokey might ‘hear.’

The Incident

There is a reason that Dharma called the Others ‘Hostels.’ Simply enough, their hostile intentions began to have an effect on Smokey. It became violent and destructive, lashing out at Dharma. Sadly, The Initiative had no real response to this other then out right war. Both sides likely took huge loses, but in the end the Others won the day. They moved into Dharma-Town, and began enjoying the good life.

Jacob and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

So who was Jake, and why are the Other brainwashing their out of line members? Jacob might well have been a Dharma member, possibly a defector during the purge. If not, he know what Smokey was. He was the reason that the button continued to be pressed [yes, I think Kelvin was an Other, maybe he was Jacob but I doubt it] and they were able to survive with it running loose on the island. The brainwashing represents the Other’s current goal, gaining control of Smokey for themselves.

Think back to the greatest movie of our era, Ghostbusters. The silly Ray couldn’t help but think of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man when he was told to keep his mind empty. It would be the same way with Cerberus and the Others, so most of them have remained in the dark about what it really is. The brainwashing is a forceful way to bring people inline with the community, preventing a rogue element on the Island. They hope that with enough like minded people they will be able to take control of Smokey where Dharma failed to.

Flight 815 and Children

Needless to say a huge rogue element did arrive on their island during our plane crash. Ben had to act fast, survivors of the crash would certainly have powerful hopes and desires which would send Smokey out of control. More importantly, they had children with them. A child’s mind is a fairly amazing thing, able to focus with clarity and determination on one thing to the point of believing it to be real. [Good God, if there was something making my childhood games of imagine come true this would be a much more interesting world.]

Of course Ben knows their will be survivors, plenty of people on the plane would want to live to the point that Smokey would intervene. Ethan and Goodwin are sent out to make lists of people who might prove to be important [I can’t claim to know how they decided who would constitute as important.] and help in nabbing the kids. Claire proved to be even more interesting for Ethan, however, as she was pregnant. For whatever reason the Other’s women cannot bare children, and as a doctor he hoped she might be able to shed some light on why. For that reason he kidnapped her and left Walt be. Oops.

Quote the Vozzek

He’s right, our survivors have been manifesting things on the island, but it’s through Smokey not the island itself. We’ve seen a lot of flashback items show up on the island, most if not all are Smokey taking a new form. From Kate’s horse to Sayid’s cat, from Yemi to Anthony Cooper, Smokey get’s around. And yes, I think Vincent is Smokey too, this is probably it’s most often used form at first due to Walt’s wishes, now due to the rest of the survivors accepting that he’ll be there. The 815ers are playing with fire, though, and are starting to get burnt.


Walt learned a bit too fast for the Others once he was taken. The visions Shannon had of him? The Swan computer being used as an instant messenger, probably not part of it’s original programming. That was him taking control of Smokey to a level no one else had. Maybe it was his innocent mind, or his training with Locke, or maybe he really was psychic but for whatever reason Walt had Smokey doing what he wanted. The others got scared, and locked him away in ‘the room’ where Smokey couldn’t hear him anymore. They really did get more then they could handle with him, and Ben and Co. were more then happy to give Michael a boat just to get rid of him.

Smoke It For Medicinal Use

We’ve seen plenty of people healed on the island, and I think we’ll be seeing more. I’m willing to bet this is Smokey in use again, healing the injured by manifesting what is needed. But why not Ben? Certainly he has just as much connection to the island as anyone else! Wrong. Ben is a man of science, unlike our lead man of faith, Locke. Deep down Ben finds it unbelievable that a cloud of smoke can do the impossible, and that is the main reason he’s in a wheelchair when Locke is off hunting boars and breaking into hatches.

Locke Is The Key

See what I did there? It’s a play on words. Locke has always been the most connected to Smokey, and why not? He was the first to see it’s effects, the first to have a face to face encounter, and the first to put his complete trust into Smokey [okay, so what if he thinks its really the island doing this, Smokey doesn’t mind]. He also has been communicating with Smokey, though dreams mostly. Maybe this is why he has been so bomb happy lately, he’s riding the Island of things Smokey doesn’t like. The button that kept him in line, the sub and Flame station to contact off island all gone now. Have you noticed that Smokey seems more powerful since the button stopped being pushed? He was brazen enough to take the form of Yemi and murder Eko.

Do I Hear An Eko?

Mr. Eko was our next man of faith on the island, but unlike Locke he doesn’t put his faith in just anything. His skepticism lead to his outright refusal to accept Smokey. In the long run, Smokey decided to kill Eko rather then let him continue.

So Is Smokey Intelligent

No, at least not as we would define it. It’s programming is amazing however, and it is very adaptable. This gives the illusion of intelligence when really there is none.

Desmond Isn’t Psychic

Sorry to say it, he’s just nuts. After turning the key he and Smokey had a nice chat under the guise of him moving through time. The point of this was to convince him that he was psychic, putting his faith in his visions. In actuality it’s Smokey who is making these events come true, Desmond just believes it was always meant to be.

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