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The end of Zeta

It is of course very sad, but it’s not like we didn’t expect it: Zeta is dead. It’s even of a great surprise that YellowTAB managed to be alive for almost 5 years before they went belly up.

One could argue that the future of BeOS lies with Haiku. But the reality is, the future of BeOS doesn’t even exist. The “operating system days” where several hobby/alternative OSes made the round in the news outlets are long gone. Linux has taken that 3rd place in the OS market and nobody gives a shit anymore about OSes like SkyOS, Syllable, ReactOS or Haiku. These OSes make a much smaller impact today than they used to do back in 2001.

This is why I tried to drive OSNews away from OSes and more into the general technology campground. There is no money to be made in operating system [news] anymore.

UPDATE: Why do people get so defensive? It’s the truth when I say that hobby OSes don’t have the same impact in the news outlets and in mindshare compared to what they used to have in the past. So, why come over here, in my personal blog, in DROVES to defend your favorite pet OS? This does not change the FACT that FEWER people care about these OSes now than they used to in the past and that this is mostly Linux’s fault. If you want to be HELPFUL, try raising awareness by making your pet OS USEFUL, not coming over here in an organized manner (just like soccer hooligans go to smash stuff) to prove me wrong. I am not wrong. I ran OSNews and BeNews for almost 10 years now. I see the TRENDS of what’s hip and what’s not. YOU don’t. So, get fucking over it and get a life. This discussion is over, because simply I am not interested debating the fact that earth revolves around the sun. If you have any questions, simply email me (don’t reply on this blog).

Banned by AOL

My Comcast connection was really flaky this last weekend — it was going up and down. This resulted in AOL actually banning my IP address (or so I think), so I can’t connect to either AIM or ICQ atm, with any client or machine. I will have to wait a week until my IP address recycles and hopefully by then I will be able to connect again. So, if you need to IM me, use Jabber, Gtalk, MSN or Y! instead.