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New laptop: IBM T23

I am writing a review about running Linux on cheaper, older laptops and so I was sent this IBM T23 laptop over today. It is in very good condition and it seems to run Ubuntu Linux pretty well (I am doing a dist-upgrade to 7.04 right now). The laptop seems to be fast enough with its 1.13 GHz PIII-M CPU and I specifically asked for an extra 256 MBs of RAM, although its DVD drive took ages to install the distro. Other than that and the S3 Savage somewhat buggy DRI driver, seems to be a real winner for just $330. Only a freeware non-Free Lucent driver for the 56k winmodem is required, everything else works out of the box. Impressive.

Update: The laptop does not always wake up successfully from sleep (don’t give me that “it works for me” crap, please). Bug reports here, here, here and here. Mostly S3-related.

Update 2: The savage driver is really badly supported under Linux, too many bugs, and the Vesa driver doesn’t do what I want (I need good Xv support to use with HD video, couldn’t care less about 3D). I am going with XP on that laptop because I know it works 100% (my husband uses the same model for work, never had a single problem with XP).

Update 3: Many suspend-to-ram wake-up issues and today, major WiFi issues (I tried 3 different PCMCIA cards none worked — no, I won’t go stealing firmware files) Verdict: “Linux is ready for the desktop. But it’s not ready for the laptop” — JBQ