Nokia N80 is here

Yay! The UPS guy woke me up this morning at 9 AM (I was in my silly pink pajamas), but cool stuff, he brought me the very popular Nokia N80. First thing I did after my eyes adjusted to the daylight was to download the NSS hacking utility, change the internal product code of the device to match a Greek one (the phone came from Asia you see, although it was set to English), and then I reflashed it. Now, I have a Greek-English N80 Internet Edition that supports VoIP and all. I am hoping to give this phone to my little brother after I write a review for it.

I had send my brother the Motorola M1000 (my review here) some months ago, but the reason I want to send him one of these Nokia WiFi-capable phones is VoIP. It costs us a lot of money to call each other via the regular phone lines, so I am hoping the usage of GizmoProject will bring that cost down to zero. I know my mother would want to chat all day long and she currently can’t because of the cost. The only thing my (electrician) brother would need to setup is DSL+WiFi now that it’s available in his area. Hopefully he will be able to get DSL because professionally he doesn’t do well lately (he hasn’t been called to work in the last 2-3 weeks). :(

Back to the N80, it is one of the best phones ever released, and in my opinion, the only thing really missing is A2DP/AVRCP support. It’s well worth the (specially reduced) price we paid for it.

On other Nokia news, I spent a lot of time last night playing with N800’s new Rhapsody service. Really cool. I still have that Pink song in my head, “U + Ur hand”.


Tom Dison wrote on March 28th, 2007 at 8:34 AM PST:

Eugenia lives in Gadget heaven!

Dave wrote on April 2nd, 2007 at 10:08 AM PST:

I’ve had the N80 for a couple months now and plan to eBay it and get an N95 for the better battery life. The phone does rock, though. Be sure to get a crystal case on eBay to protect it, and check out fring, which lets you do skype.

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