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Lost 101

Everyone knows how much I like ‘Lost’. But except 2-3 people who read this blog, the rest are not really viewers. So, here is a quick rundown of what is ‘Lost’ so you get an idea of its plot (there are major spoilers in the “main” section, avoid that section if you will be watching ‘Lost’ in the future). I promise to be as brief as I can be.

Main Plot

Sept 2004: The Oceanic flight 815 from Australia to USA splits in two on air and crashes on an island’s beach, presumably somewhere in the Pacific ocean. Many people are dead, but about 48 people survive from the middle section. From their first night there already they become witnesses to a weird, non-natural presence in the island. After they lose hope that anyone will ever find them they try to camp in the island and learn how to hunt, fish or climb trees to get fruits. Some of the characters are becoming witnesses of “the black smoke” or “smoke monster”, which is a smoke-like shape-shifting creature that is known to kill. Additionally, the island seems to be able to cure incurable medical conditions, fast.

Soon enough some people are starting to disappear, especially children. It is apparent that there are “Others” in the island too. One of the survivors, a construction worker named Michael, would even build a raft to escape the island and bring help, only to be stopped by the Others a few hours into the sea who set his raft on fire and abduct his son, Walt. Apparently, more than 20 years ago there was an organization named “Dharma Initiative” stationed in the island that did all sorts of experiments. What is the connection of the Others to Dharma?

In the meantime, Locke finds a “shaft” in the jungle and he blows it open by using some dynamite. In there, the Swan Station, they find Desmond, who was left for the last 3 years to do one job and one job only: enter 6 numbers in the computer every 108 minutes, or the “world would end”. Eventually, Locke and Desmond decide to not enter the 6 numbers, just so they see if the world would really end. What happened was that the Swan Station exploded after some major magnetic anomalies that was introduced prior to the explosion. Was the plane’s crash an outcome of the island’s electromagnetic anomalies too?

In order for Michael to get his son Walt back, he sold out some of the survivors to the Others. Jack, Sawyer and Kate were captured by the Others. Kate and Sawyer’s well being was used as incentive for Jack, who is a doctor, to perform a surgical operation to a dying Ben, leader of the Others. Eventually Kate and Sawyer escape, but Kate wants Jack back. So, she gets Danielle, Sayid and Locke and they head on to save Jack.

When they finally arrive at the north of the island where the Other’s settlement is, Kate and Sayid are captured. Locke is there for another secretive purpose though. He wants to blow up the only way out of the island: the submarine the Others use to come in and out of the island. The communications of the Others with the outside world were severed after the blow-up of two of their stations by Locke, so the submarine is the last way out. And while every one of the survivors wants out of this island, Locke wants in and so he blows up the submarine too.

Juliet, an “Other” fertility doctor who joins the rescue group back to the survivor’s camp betrays Ben and reveals that the women who get pregnant on the island are dying after a few weeks of pregnancy, and that Ben prepares an attack to the camp to abduct the pregnant women for further tests on them. We also learn that Ben was the reason for the demise of the Dharma Initiative on the island some 20 years ago, having joined the island’s “native” people and killing off every Dharma employee, including his own abusive father. More over, Ben claims that the true leader of the Others is not himself, but Jacob — a mysterious entity that only Ben can see.

In the meantime, a hurt woman parachutist, Naomi, arrives at the island and she has a satellite phone. After the survivors are disabling the jamming equipment that Ben had put in place in another, underwater, station, and after killing most of the Others, Jack makes the phone call to Naomi’s boat off shore. It appears though that Naomi and her people are the real “bad guys”, not the Others… Will the survivors be rescued, and if yes, is this the right thing to do?

So, basically, that’s the main juice (although a lot more mysteries and plots took place so far). All 3 seasons of Lost so far take place just within 3 months of their time. According to the Lost calendar, it is still December 2004 for them.


Each Lost episode has a unique structure. About 3/5s of each episode is dedicated to the current story in the island, but the rest 2/5s is a flashback of a specific character’s backstory in a particular situation in his/her life that seems to have some resemblance to the current episode’s plot. For example, if this week’s island story has mostly to do with Jack, then he probably will get his flashback on that episode too and the two stories would be somewhat correlated by similarities.

What’s interesting about flashbacks is that they not only they give you a better idea of who these characters really are, how they ended up in that flight, and also give a sense of “civilization” instead of 60 minutes of just jungle shots, but they also have almost metaphysical connections. For example, Jack and Claire and half-brother&sister and they don’t know about it (but viewers know it because of their individual flashbacks). Hurley owned the box company Locke used to work for. Hurley’s 6 winning lottery numbers are the same as Dharma employees used to enter in their computers. Sawyer was served by Kate’s mother in the diner she was working on. Libby (a tail section survivor) was the one who gave Desmond the ship that he crashed on the island 3 years ago. And so on…

Main (current) Characters
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Jack is a spinal surgeon and the de facto leader of the middle airplane section of survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. He’s got daddy issues.
Kate is one of the middle section survivors. Before the crash she was a wanted woman for murdering her step-father.
Sawyer is one of the middle section survivors. He is a con-man and not to be trusted, although sometimes he shows a soft spot.
John Locke is one of the middle section survivors. After Jack Shephard, he is the principal male lead character of Lost. His paraplegia (was in a wheel chair for 4 years) was immediately healed upon crashing on the Island as of magic. Locke considers himself a “man of faith” and believes that the Island has special powers. He also has daddy issues.
Sayid is a middle-section survivor. A courageous man and a competent leader, Sayid maintains a conservative manner which reflects both strength and spirituality, and tries to atone for the demons in his past (he was a torturer for Iraq’s presidential guard).
Hurley is one of the middle section survivors. Before the crash he had just won millions of dollars on the lottery by using 6 numbers that a fellow mate in the Mental Health Institute he was in kept repeating. When Hurley won the lottery, he believed the numbers were cursed because they kept popping up everywhere in his life and causing death to people near him.
Jin is one of the middle section survivors. He is the only mid-section survivor to not speak English. He is the son of a fisherman and before the crash married the daughter of a powerful mafia-man. Their relationship was in turmoil because of the things Jin had to do to please his father-in-law who always considered him unworthy of his daughter.
Sun was traveling on the plane with her husband, Jin-Soo Kwon. She is also a survivor, and currently she is pregnant.
Charlie is a survivor from the middle section. Before the crash, Charlie was the bassist and secondary vocalist for the band Driveshaft. Additionally, Charlie’s drug addiction and crippling self-doubt were the biggest obstacles in his life. Like many of the losties, the crash provided Charlie with a fresh start. On the Island, Charlie has formed a relationship with Claire Littleton.
Claire is one of the middle section survivors. She is Jack Shephard’s half-sister, although neither of them knows this. She is the mother of Aaron Littleton who was born on the island soon after the crash. During her time on the Island, she has entered into a relationship with fellow survivor, Charlie Pace.

Desmond was the lone resident of the underground Swan Station at the time of the Flight 815 crash. He was discovered by Locke, Kate and Jack a month later after they forced their way in. After his failed attempts to leave the Island, Desmond joined the camp of survivors. After the destruction of the station, Desmond acquired an ability: he can see parts of the future.
Danielle Rousseau is a mysterious woman, presumably of French origin, who crashed on the Island with her science team in the year 1988, 16 years prior to meeting the survivors. Her baby daughter, Alex, was kidnapped by the “Others” at the time and she has been living in seclusion ever since in the jungle trying to avoid confrontation with them.
Ben is the leader of the “Others”. He lived all his life in the island and he is known to be very manipulative. He is currently on a wheelchair after a spinal surgery performed by Jack (who was abducted and forced to perform the surgery on him).
Juliet is a member of the “Others”. She seems unhappy with her allegiance (particularly, it seems, with Ben’s position of authority), and lives in the settlement of the “Others” called the Barracks. Juliet is a calm, intelligent woman with a background in medicine. She has befriended Jack during his capture by the Others.