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Stupidity on shows

There was that show on tonight, “CSI: Miami”. There you have that guy murdered. Then, the suspicion goes to his wife. But wait! Apparently the wife has a twin sister. Could she be the murderer? Oh, wait! The dead husband actually is not the husband, but a look-alike who went surgical procedure to look like him. But wait, while they were interviewing the real husband, just out of the blue the detective spots a body in the dirt. The murderer of that body is the husband’s aid, but this murder has nothing to do with the main assassination — it’s just a filler. And finally wait! There is a third sister! They’re triplets and the husband never knew about it. Neither the triplets knew of the look alike of the husband.

Are the writers even serious? This show is so stupid, so laughable. What bugs me really is the fact that CSI:Miami is always #1 in its timeslot every Monday with about 16 to 22 million viewers each week. How is it possible for people to watch that crap? I mean, look, such a scenario is more plausible than the scenario of Lost or Heroes. But man, this supposed to be a somewhat realistic detective show, not sci-fi.

Is Hollywood out of ideas? Better do some remakes then.

Best. Movies. Ever.

Stormrider blogged about his favorite movies, and so here is my list too:

– Star Wars: A New Hope
– The Matrix
– The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
– Equilibrium
– Donnie Darko

For other, less known movies, but equal gems I have blogged about here.

I must note here that Stormirder’s post was mostly about movies that have played a big role in shaping his personality while growing up. I can claim the same thing about art work, but in my case it’s ‘Star Trek: TOS’ and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ that has.

BTW, don’t you think that L.A. Confidential is the most overrated movie ever? It is on the top250 of IMDb and I don’t understand why. It is just a normal movie, not bad, and not great either. I don’t get any ‘greatness’ about this movie.