Archive for March 18th, 2007

Non-free drivers and laptops

Suddenly my new laptop stopped waking up from sleep. At first I thought that it was ubuntu’s new kernel version, but later I figured it must be a new driver. And indeed, after removing Linuxant’s Connexant non-free modem driver, the laptop was able to wake up again. Amazing that they charge $20 for it.

On other laptop news, I am selling this LinuxCertified laptop. I deleted its Arch Linux partition and installed Ubuntu in it. Amazing how I had everything the way I wanted it within 2 hours (drivers, codecs, third party apps and all). So, check the link above and tell me how much I should be selling it for. Except the fact that the battery is dead, it is a healthy portable computer & desktop replacement (it is not really a traditional laptop as it weighs over 7 lbs).