Archive for March 17th, 2007

New Gnomefiles section

I added a new Gnomefiles section with Ubuntu packages. This is done in association with which provides packages for several versions of Ubuntu, packages that don’t exist in the official repos or the repos only carry outdated versions. Each time a new Ubuntu version is released, the section will be updated to only show packages built specifically for the new version.

I am trying to give up Gnomefiles to a new maintainer who is eager to start, but the server admin mysteriously does not reply to my requests, so I can’t release control yet.


Heh, I did something evil today…
[evil laugh]Bwahahah…. [/evil laugh]

Unfair burrying

There you are, another Digg story that got burried moments before it hit front page. UPDATE: Thanks to a good reader, he resubmitted the story and it has now made front page on Digg.

Want Joost access?

I have 3 invites left for Joost, the next-gen IP TV app, so if you would like to get access to it, email me privately. They have Windows and MacIntel versions. Mac PPC and Linux versions are not ready yet. Update: All gone.