Archive for March 15th, 2007

GTK+ suggestion

Don’t you think that this looks sweet? The statusbar/toolbar font is -2 points smaller than the default font size (minimum size is 8pt). We filed a bug report on GTK+ over a year ago about this but no one seems to care, even if it makes the windows look so much better (applications like Baobab that now comes in Gnome 2.18+ by default would greatly benefit from it because it has a lot of toolbar text). So far in my Gnome desktop I had to disable the toolbar text completely, but with these changes I would leave it on. BeOS and Mac OS X’s toolbar font is also smaller than the rest of the fonts and it’s details like these that make these UIs look “cleaner”. The devil is in the details.

Please note that the above fonts are too small, as this is my personal setup, not how they would normally be in a default installation. Check the screenshot linked above to see how it would look by default should this feature gets implemented.

Everyone support Nathan please!

My friend, actor Nathan Baesel, tomorrow celebrates the release of his first film on the big screen! “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” is opening in limited theaters all over the country tomorrow and Nathan plays the main role. It is a sarcastic horror film with a ‘geek’ kind of humor (e.g. the Freddy Krueger actor actually plays the good guy) and has received very encouraging feedback from film critics so far. Go see it if you can.