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A bet? A game? Or nature?

Heh, I remembered something funny today. Some time in the early ’80s my father was the victim of a… bet. Greek men spend half of their lives in the cafeterias discussing usually things that they can not do anything about (e.g. politics). One day a guy showed up a puzzle and bet that no one can find a solution. My father bit.

The puzzle is this: you have 3 water fountains and 3 villages. You must connect all 3 fountains to all 3 villages but without their water lines ever get crossed. The water lines must be direct from each fountain to each village.

To save you a month of delirium and 500 sheets of paper, I will tell you right now that there is no solution to this puzzle. I don’t know why my father got sucked so much into this. Was that the sense of pride because of the bet? Was it simply the thrill of the puzzle itself? Or was that his human nature to solve problems?

My father has attended only few months of high-school (he ran off) but from all his 6 brothers and sisters he is the only one who is interested in “what’s out there” and trying to keep an open mind about stuff. It is him that I caught the bug from. I am more alike to my father than I am different (this also includes our bad temper and our donkey-like persistence).

Day Break for free

ABC aired a pretty good detective-with-a-scifi-twist show back in November, but just after 4-5 episodes they took it off the air. The show was called “Day Break” and it was about a detective, Brett Hopper, who was wrongfully accused for murder. The twist is that the day that was accused for murder, was kept repeating. He was living the same day over and over again, and each time he was getting more clues as to what’s going on behind the murder.

Now ABC has posted all 13 episodes online, so you can watch the show from start to finish (good quality). The catch? You must have a US-based IP address, or their player won’t serve the content. Apparently some countries will show all 13 episodes and so ABC had to impose that restriction.