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No Passport For Britons Refusing Mass Surveillance

This is absolutely sad. UK starts to become a nightmare place to live in. I wonder if the writers of “V for Vendetta” saw that somehow and so they situated the story in UK rather in another country.

Medical dramas suck balls

Ok, this is a serious question: why do people (mostly women) watch medical dramas?

Except “House” (in which I am only interested in his personal story and sarcastic humor rather than the actual medical story), I can’t stand not even 1 minute of the other 3 medical dramas currently on TV. How can people watch that boring crap? I mean, do I really want to watch how this episode’s patient has an operation while at the same time the doctor is humping the nurse without his also-doctor wife knowing? What kind of shit is all that?

The first HD TV-set in my family in Greece

My brother called me this morning to say that he has just bought a new TV. He surprised me as he actually purchased a 32″ HDTV LCD! The TV is capable of 480p/720p/1080i and it even has an HDMI input. Such a TV normally costs over 800 Euros in Europe, but my brother got a great offer for just 399 Euros (with two years of warranty), so he went for it! Apparently there was a new electronics shop opening in a city nearby and they had great offers.

If only he could watch some HD content. There are no HD channels in Greece yet and ERT’s digital signal does not cover our hometown yet while his Satellite receiver is not HD-capable either. So I guess, he will have to wait a bit until he can use the full potential of his TV (PS3s/Bluray/HD-DVDs are out of the question as of yet).