Archive for March 1st, 2007

Lost bodily functions

Ok, dumb question: In the ‘Lost’ chronology, about 2-3 months have passed since the plane went down in that island. What do the women do for their menstruation? I mean, honestly… We saw Charlie shaving on last night’s episode, but we don’t know if women have anything in their disposal to deal with their own problems. I hope this mystery will eventually be solved! ;-)

The lady in the picture

Greek think-tank writer Nikos Dimou posted a blog post recently with pictures from the old Athens. This picture in particular really sat with me. See the lady in the oval washed-out picture? My mother used to have the exact same picture in the wall of our mountain home. It’s been there since the early ’70s, as long as I can remember myself. Memories…

BTW, how do you call in english the music ‘jukebox’ the old man is operating in the picture by moving its handle? In Greek we call it “laterna” — but my guess is that there is no english word for it.

New camera in da house

I got a new digital camera today, the Panasonic LX2. I love this camera because it is able to shoot 16:9 HD video (1280×720 at 15 fps). By default it’s configured to shoot EDTV video (848×480 at 30 fps). Right click the picture below to save and view the video I just shot in my messy office. I re-encoded it as MP4 at 1 Mbps (I kept the original resolution and fps). Pretty cool!