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Broiled feta cheese

One of the best side-dishes you can ever hope to taste in your life, guaranteed.

Ingredients (for 2)
* Authentic feta cheese (not crumbled)
* 1 tbspoon of olive oil
* oregano

1. Preheat the broiler to become very hot (500F). Place the rack close to the broiler’s heat.
2. Cut the feta cheese into a 1 inch thick, long rectangle.
3. Cut a square piece of aluminum foil, fold it in two, and then shape the edges vertically with your hands (in essence, shape it a small oven dish out of the foil).
4. Place the cheese on the foil. Pour the olive oil on top of the cheese and then use your finger to spread it evenly. Pour a generous amount of oregano on top of that too.
5. Place in the oven and broil for a few minutes, until golden brown. Serve hot with (preferably warm or toasted) bread. No need to remove the aluminum foil.

Broiled feta cheese
Broiled feta cheese next to hot bread I baked tonight

Video on a cellphone battery test

I made a small experiment tonight: I encoded a 2 hour movie and checked out how well my Sony Ericsson M600i competes with the iPod Video in terms of battery life. I selected this model for my test because it has the same screen size as the iPod (QVGA, 2.5″) in order to keep things fair. I encoded the video in the MP4-advanced format using QuickTime Pro. 320×240 (preserved aspect ratio in letterbox), 15fps, 320kbps video and 64kbps AAC stereo for its audio. The resulted file size was 260 MBs. I set the phone’s screen brightness to 50%, 3G & Bluetooth to OFF (while GSM was ON).

Apparently, the M600i with its often critisized low battery life (900 mAh), has outperformed the iPod Video in battery life. It is able to playback 6.5 hours of video, which is not bad at all. And if you happen to be on a plane, where the GSM antenna must be OFF and the environment is dim, you can set the screen to 33% of brightness and enjoy 7 hours of playback instead. Pretty good!

And an off topic remark, did anyone catch glimpse of George Takei in the red carpet tonight at the Oscars? He wore a traditional Japanese outfit instead of a suit and he looked fabulous. Too bad he didn’t get more love from the camera and the TV presenters.