Archive for February 23rd, 2007

Yet another BT A2DP headset

I received a new A2DP headset today. I think I have 9 or 10 now.

As I wrote the other day, I have yet to find the perfect headset. It doesn’t seem to exist. Each and one of the models I have has a problem by design. This new headset from Cellink I got today is not an exception. I was about to turn the other way and ignore the fact that didn’t come with a USB recharging cable and more battery life, but man, the thing has STATIC. kkkhhhhhh….

The surprising thing is that it has an amazing audio quality compared to most of its competitors. Good treble and good bass. But right on the back of your ear you can also hear the kkhhhhhhhh….

It seems that creating a pleasant A2DP device is rocket science. :P

Silent Parties via Bluetooth

I got a new remote control with 3.5mm adapter and a 1 GB M2 card for my Sony Ericsson M600i phone today. I copied some music in it and so naturally, I rocked with it. This gave me an idea for a new Bluetooth usage: Silent Music Parties (a concept popularized by Sony a few years ago via their wireless headphones). Basically, the idea is to use A2DP, but problem is, the A2DP-server can only serve up to 7-8 clients at the same time, while some parties have over 50 people invited. Maybe a modified A2DP server that can serve to more standard A2DP clients can be achieved? The advantage of Bluetooth headsets instead of traditional wireless is that you won’t miss a cellphone call, but the disandvantage is that there are no A2DP devices for over 10 meters. Who knows, someone might like the idea and modify the A2DP server while also offer Class-1 A2DP headsets (up to 100 meters).