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Don’t intercept fanatics, just watch and laugh at them

I hate to sound like a broken record, but man… it is enjoyful seeing fanatics completely lose a touch with reality. Last week, when “Lost” had its lowest viewership ever, 12.77 million viewers, they came out and said “give us a break, it was St Valentine’s Day“. Now, a week later, “Lost” only got 12.89 million viewers and two things happened: half of the fanatics simply don’t discuss the matter anymore, and the other half are trying to convince themselves that the addition of 0.1% of more viewers last night shows that “Lost” is on the way up. Damn.

Last night’s episode “Stranger in a Strange Land” was a complete joke. The flashback was the most pointless I have ever seen while the actual juice of the episode (Jack saving the life of Juliet by agreeing to treat Ben) it could have been wrapped up and included within 5 minutes inside another episode. What is the writers are smoking, I don’t know. They had a great Desmond episode last week (voted at 8/10 by viewers at, but this new episode sucked a$$ indeed (voted at ~3/10). The numbers and comments online speak for themselves.

To make things worse, ABC *outright lied* on their heavily advertised promos that “3 mysteries will be solved” in last night’s episode. Except the semi-reveal that the survivors abducted by The Others are apparently in good health, nothing else was revealed. Like we cared before about Jack’s tattoos. We didn’t. There was never an indication that the tattoos were part of the myth-arc. Someone could argue that the fact that The Others work in the small island but they live in the main island, and that they live by Hammurabi’s law are “revelations”, but honestly, these are just details and not the kind of mysteries ABC’s promos made us looking forward to. I mean, come on ABC, we are not stupid. Put yourself together! Lost’s audience cosists of mainly intelligent people and ABC must be more careful of their treatment.