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Random TV thoughts

* I watched all 13+1 episodes of “The Lone Gunmen” this week (God bless America for not allowing me to work and leaving me with too much time on my hands). The show had its moments but it was overall a mediocre production, under-budgeted. Langly is loveable as a goofy hacker and Byers brings me memories of someone I knew who would not only carry the same ideas but he looked like him too. I wrote a review of the show at IMDb.

* Last night’s “Lost” episode was one of the best ever produced for the show. Extremely well-done and provoking. However, “Lost” dipped into just 12.4 million viewers last night, its worst ratings ever (let the fans live in their dreamland but the point is “Lost” is losing some of its appeal). ABC made the same mistake with Lost as it did last year with “Invasion”: slow-going storyline at the beginning of the season, and then a long hiatus. It seems that not even “Lost” is immune to this stupid strategy.

* My actor friend Nathan Baesel guest stars on this Sunday’s “Without a Trace” episode called “Desert Springs”. If you live in USA (and you don’t watch “Battlestar Galactica” at that same time), watch his show!

* Madonna’s “Confessions on the dance floor” live DVD is visibly worse quality than ABC’s broadcast in 720p a few months back. A trained eye can see the encoding differences. But I guess, for most people DVD is good enough.