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The Nokia E90

Nokia announced officially today the E90. There is a lot to like in the device (e.g. GPS, 128 MB RAM, fast CPU, WiFi, A2DP etc), as you can see from the review here, but there is also a lot to dislike. A few of the negatives:

1. Screen resolution is totally oddball. The handset grabs video in 640×480 for example, but the 800×352 screen resolution is not suitable to watch the video correctly. Additionally, it’s not suitable for widescreen DVD rips either. The screen resolution should have been either 800×480 (like the N800) or 852×480 (480p HD).
2. No USB charging.
3. microSD instead of a miniSD. I mean, come on! This is a large device, at least put some miniSD-HC support in there!
4. Unnecessarily long device. The video-call camera could have been on the right-hand side and the hangup/call buttons on the keyboard itself. I bet that if I try to type on that keyboard my small fingers won’t be able to reach the middle keys.
5. I just re-encoded a sample VGA video captured by the device and re-encoded with proper MP4 compression rate (at the same resolution/fps, same quality). Nokia’s version: 8.4 MB. My version: 2 MBs.

Lastly, I would like to affirm everyone that the next major version of S60 (v4.0) will have touchscreen support. It’s an unavoidable market pressure for Nokia.