Archive for January 24th, 2007

Microsoft in hot water over Wikipedia edits

Ok, this is going too far. Now the Wikipedia founder guy is against Microsoft hiring a third party, neutral, source to edit slanted articles that bring their business and their technologies to bad light. The Wikipedia founder said that MS should have… written a whitepaper and post it in the… wikipedia forums instead. What?? How does that fix the slanted wikipedia articles? What MS did was pretty normal: they hired someone with knowledge of the matter to correct (not slant the other way) some articles. This sounds very reasonable to me, especially because Wikipedia matters these days so much — they are not a small site anymore. But, you know, when people hear that MS did that, they will go wild against them, without thinking that what they did was actually not immoral or against any rules.

iPhone Vs Newton

Oh. My. God. I just realized. iPhone’s “widescreen” ultra-hyped screen has the exact same resolution as the Newton has which was released over 15 years ago! 320×480. Honestly, the Newton was a much more revolutionary device than the iPhone is.