Sedgwick Gets More ‘Closer’ Cash

“The Closer” star Kyra Sedgwick is having a pretty good week. […] The new deal will pay her in the range of $250,000 to $300,000 per episode”

I know that this is a free market and all, but man, a quarter of a million every 10 days (that’s how long it takes to complete a TV episode) is a bit too much for the kind of service she offers. Besides, her cable TV show has only 6 million viewers per week, and if it was on a networked TV channel instead she wouldn’t last a single season.

Hey, I don’t like the communistic economic system, but it’s times like these that capitalism sounds sour to me. I am happy for Sedgwick’s success, but I don’t think she offers to the world more than even that open source Gimp developer who doesn’t get paid for his work does. I am fine with skilled people getting paid higher than others (e.g. my husband is getting paid pretty well compared to most US citizens, other professionals do too), but when it comes to huge sums of money for just a few days of work, I somehow have a problem with it.

No, I am not jealous, I live an easy life (we aren’t rich, but we do live in considerable comfortability). It’s just that it feels unfair than an individual can make so much money in 10 days of work while others have to look at the garbage cans for your old burger. I swear to the bones of my grandfather that if *I* (not JBQ) was making so much easy money, a huge sum would go to charity. And if JBQ wouldn’t agree with me giving away so much money, I would divorce him so I could do so, or, I would stop working so I wouldn’t have to make money that I could not share with others.

While right now I live a good life (only my health sucks), I grew up poorer than most kids around me. I have no attachment to money, none whatsoever. As long as I have enough money to make me feel safe from starvation and enough to get me a roof above my head, I am good.


Richard wrote on January 20th, 2007 at 11:06 AM PST:

I am not really a big fan of “The Closer”, but there are other Actors that I really appreciate, like Brad Pitt and Christian Bale, and I truly believe that they deserve every single cent they get for a gig. They are actors that are SO exceptionally better in their job than most people could be, and if their product sells well, they certainly deserve a decent compensation.

However, taste is subjective, so I do agree that there are actors that might not seem as exceptional as others.

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Eugenia wrote on January 20th, 2007 at 11:20 AM PST:

I don’t have a problem with Sedgwick’s performance. I think she is very good. But no matter how good she is, that much money for a few days of work is too much IMO. I find it ridiculous in fact.

In contrast to the respect and fame actors/singers get today, in ancient Rome an actor was considered a clown and was the laugh of the town as a person (not only as a character).

Sign o’ the times, I guess.

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