Like a virgin, hey!

I was reading in the Greek news that some people in the government advocate that the new vaccine against some forms of cervical cancer should be obligatory. Personally, I am against this as of yet, because the vaccine is very new and has not proven itself outside of the lab as being truly without major side-effects (I am sure it works, but at what cost?). Mandatory vaccines should only be enforced to the population after the particular drug has been out and about for at least 10 years, OR, if the population dies or gets sick in large numbers and desperate measures must be taken.

Of course, what is the alternative, right? I took my first PAP test when I was 22 years old. But if the law instead requires all girls above 16 to take the PAP test, this can find opposition by many parents in the rural Greece. For example, my father would never allow me to take the PAP test or wear a tampon as a teenager, because that would cause loss of my virginity. And this is something absolutely unacceptable for him until engagement or marriage.

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