Archive for January 14th, 2007

Ajax going bad

The best example of Ajax going bad is Yahoo!’s new TV Listing site. All you have to do is a simple search on the internet “tv listings yahoo ajax” and you will see most users being pissed off about this change.

The thing is, the new site is unusable. I have a powerful 3 GHz P4 and when the page renders or does a request to the server it consumes about 55% of the CPU (or when you scroll the time slider), and there is a lot of lag and waiting when you are scrolling down. This is one good looking site, that simply does NOT work. It performs BETTER when you are NOT logged in, and if you are using IE (but still, far from ideal). But if you ARE logged in and you do have a “favorites tv channels” list AND you are using Firefox, the thing is simply unusable. Everyone on the net are shouting about this. If the information is not INSTANT, then this is a useless upgrade. And this is a shame, because the previous HTML-based version of Y!’s TV Listings was the only one with the right cable/show information (other TV listing sites never get it right for my cable area). It was uglier, but it was also functional, practical and to the point.

Ajax is not bad, especially when only used when it’s truly needed. Google has the right idea with Gmail for example. It works well. But then again, Google has hired the smartest guys in the Valley, while Yahoo! it seems has hired all the left overs.

It makes me feel like RMS felt in 1984 when he didn’t have the source code of that printer driver that pushed him to create GNU. I feel the same about the data. If I had access to the data I would create my own site to do TV Listings the way I feel it’s best.

Phone talk

Whad’ya know? Someone bought my LG Chocolate phone for $170 today. He seemed happy.

I also went through the tricky procedure of upgrading my Linux-based ROKR E2’s firmware to a newer one (from 32p to 45p). Upgrade went well. Then, I edited its firmware with a hex editor and enabled… 850 Mhz on the phone (there is hardware support for it but Motorola had it disabled by default). If only this phone had Greek support and a free SDK, it would have been pretty nice.

For my next review I am juggling undecided between the Nokia E50 or E70, Nokia 6288 or Motorola A1200.