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– I went to visit my doctor today. He said that I was “funny as hell”. Meant a lot to me.

– I’ve added a small mobile portal page for those who would like to have a homepage to their cellphones/PDAs with all the right mobile links (click the MobilePlay link to get a lot more mobile links). The URL is http://mobits.com/wap.html

This story reminded me of a scorpion bite that made a cousin of mine to fall ill for 3 days. And I was to blame. You see, there was this nice flower in a very steep part of my village around 1982-3. And I wanted it. Because I was not good at climbing, I told my cousin “I bet you can’t climb up there and get that flower” (he was a good climber). He said “I can”, and I replied “no, you can’t”. Well, that was enough for him to climb up. He got to the flower, and there was the scorpion that bit him. I felt awful afterwards but thankfully he survived the bite (some don’t, especially as young at age as he was).

– My JBQ got offended by Steve Jobs’ insulting keynote talk about “baby wap browsers”. Well, the point of the matter is, the iPhone runs on a very high speed ARM processor and it requires more RAM than any smartphone (trusty sources say). Now, try to run Safari (or just WebKit) on a 50 Mhz cellphone, with a 128×160 screen and most importantly, with 1 MB of RAM. While Openwave’s UP.Browser and Teleca’s Obigo can and Opera Mini steals its way through, Safari would shit on itself instantly. So Steve, let’s keep it real, shall we?

– My brother called me today using a special card number where he gets 100 free minutes of calls, everywhere in the world. Apparently the card was part of a newspaper release (in Greece, newspapers are giving away stuff when you buy them, DVDs, CDs, books etc). During our chat it seemed obvious to me that quality was lower and there was some lag. Obviously, the system was running on a VoIP server rather than via normal telecommunications.

– My little bro also told me that he gave the phone I had sent him a few months ago to his brother-in-law. I am happy to learn that the Linux-based E680i found a new home and that it’s actually going to be used (my brother hated it because there are no apps for it as Motorola doesn’t release the SDK).

– The adult film industry chose HD-DVD. This might be the death of the Blu-Ray business. No matter how well the PS3 sells (or not).

– I am selling the LG Chocolate at Craigslist. I don’t believe that anyone will buy it. :-)


This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on February 20th, 2007 at 6:35 AM PST:

We used ipodbattery.com, but the tools provided in the package are standard screwdrivers and not the special tool that Apple support people are using. This resulted in doing the work with a bit more difficulty. On the other hand, no one on the market sells this special Apple tool, and so you are not missing anything from other salers.

Jessica wrote on February 20th, 2007 at 4:39 AM PST:

Who did you use for your ipod batter? I was thinking about using ipodjuice.com. Not sure if it is hard or easy. Did your JBQ have any issues? recommendations?

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