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The fear of the UFO taboo

As I have written in the past, I have witnessed a UFO (Greece, early ’90s). While I do not claim that it was the product of alien intelligence (the “Aktion” US and NATO military base is only 25 khm away from the sighting), the fact that the craft could hover without making any noise at all and accelerate so fast is obviously a pretty weird thing.

What really bothers me though is how information about such sightings is being repressed by officials here in USA. The US military had a pretty big problem in their hands in the ’50s and ’60s with all the sightings and almost-mass-hysteria that followed, and because they couldn’t stop all these people from going public, they adopted a very clever defense mechanism by making the UFOs a matter of embarrassment and ridiculousness. By the ’90s, no major newspaper or respectable TV News channel would report on that stuff. It has become a taboo of sorts.


Chicago Tribune made the leap and reported on a UFO sighting on Nov 7 by United Airline workers and managers. It’s a normal, less-interesting than most, sighting. What makes it interesting though is how the companies and organizations that the sighting was reported on handled the matter:

Like United, the FAA originally told the Tribune that it had no information on the alleged UFO sighting. But the federal agency quickly reversed its position after the newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

So basically, you have to drag them to court before they admit there was even a UFO report by their employees, let alone releasing their data! Kinda makes you wonder what’s going on here in terms of freedom. I have blogged in the past (1, 2) that I am against of making public any potential information regarding existence of aliens-on-Earth as of yet, but there is one thing keeping a military and strategic secret for the well being of our civilization, and another treating your citizens like they are crazy or nobodies. A balance must be found.