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The bloated web

When I bought this 12″ Powerbook in Feb 2003 it ran Mac OS X 10.2.3 (review). This was the beginning of Mac OS X’s future optimizations, but nevertheless it was still a slow OS back then. But Apple worked on it and today my 640 MB of RAM Powerbook runs the latest 10.4.8 pretty spiffily on this modest 867 Mhz CPU laptop.

And while the whole OS became faster and Safari has seen immense optimizations over the years, my web experience is terrible these days. Safari literally crawls each time I open 2-3 tabs at the same time! Firefox/Camino are not as fast as Safari in terms of scrolling and resizing, so I prefer to use that instead of a Gecko-based browser, while I dislike Omniweb and Opera. So, while Safari became fast, the web has slowed down! Most pages now use very bloated Dreamweaver-created HTML or unesessarily complicated CSS code, and *especially* all the Flash ads are making things extremely difficult for a 867 Mhz CPU to keep up. It’s amazing to see that it’s the web that will make me upgrade my laptop rather than the OS itself or its applications! Kinda sucks.

Big bellies on Earth’s new rotation

Happy new year everyone! We had a great time with my JBQ this 3-day weekend. We did absolutely nothing and we went pretty much nowhere. But my JBQ had time to relax and “live a little”, and this was everything I could hope for.

Italian-style barbecue meatloaf

We ate lots though. A lot of delicacies and some exotic food too. On Saturday night my JBQ made waffles for us, for Sunday lunch we tested our brand new toaster so we prepared some hot ham/mushroom toasts, while on Sunday dinner we had caviar, smoked salmon, coppa, prosciutto & buendnerfleisch dry meats while the main dish was crab with mayo. I also managed to prepare a pretty successful chocolate mousse as a dessert. For Monday lunch I prepared some Italian-style meat loaf with barbecue sauce on top, pictured above. Sure, it looks a bit like dog crap but it’s delicious (let me know by email if you want the recipe). I am going right now to prepare some cherry clafoutis for our dessert after dinner. I absolutely love cooking for my JBQ.