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Don’t be a hater

For years now I keep saying that people always hate the No1 and favor the underdog instead — no matter what or who the underdog is. They are always sympathetic to whatever underdog they choose to support. It’s in the very nature of the less-intelligent, miserable people to defend themselves this way — because they think that the No2 will support their interests as it has nothing to lose, but only to gain. They feel more comfortable in this situation and they will fight with all their strength to bring down the current No1. And when the No2 becomes No1, they will fight it too because they can’t get over their FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt in their little world).

In the tech industry in particular, IBM was the big brother in the ’80s. Microsoft followed in the mid-90s. What all these anti-MS opinions over the years failed to explain though is why the transformation of a normal company to an evil company. What changed? Is a XX manager who is responsible for a YY decision now suddenly deemed “evil” just because the company makes more money, while himself might not? And why these people only see “companies” and not individuals? In fact, most of the decisions and things that people hate about Microsoft were decided/executed by lower-level managers rather than Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer themselves. And yet, Gates and Ballmer get all the hate, and Microsoft as a whole too! How can you deem a 40,000 employee company “evil”? They are not evil. They are simply professionals who are trying to do and secure their jobs in an unforgiving market place. But people hate them for simply being successful and they make a big deal about every little thing they do. Sure, sometimes Microsoft screws up too, but this doesn’t make them “evil”. They are simply a successful corporation which must protects its investors. If you don’t like that, write to your congressman to change the US economic system, don’t just hate Microsoft like a crybaby.

Even the iPod franchise is being attacked lately just because it has become so successful!

And now… Yes, you guessed it, it’s Google’s turn! The ever beloved, innovative company that geeks respected for the last 5 years has become so big and powerful, that people are turning their backs to. In the last 3 days I read five new and completely independent articles online about how evil Google is or has become, and that the real enemy was never Microsoft, but Google! Good PR started going sour for Google early this year but in the last few days it is has become more prominent. Now we will have blog posts, comments and articles against every little fart Google will be letting go — just like Microsoft before it. Google will be thinking twice to even breath, because it will be criticized for having a bad breath. Soon enough the hatred towards Google will be an epidemic — just like it was for MS.

It’s pathetic how this world thinks and reacts to other people’s success. It just makes you to not want to win the lottery.